• Facts:
  • Network name: Women in Science, Engineering and Technology
  • Network acronym: WiTEC
  • Austrian Headquarter: Technikon Forschungs- und Planungsgesellschaft mbH
  • WiTEC Europe: www.witec-eu.net


Partners of WiTEC Austria:


European Association for Women in Science Engineering & Technology


WiTEC (Women in Science, Engineering and Technology) is an European network consisting of universities, companies, individuals and other private organisations who want to support women in science and technology.

Technikon became in November 2003 the official host of WiTEC Europe in Austria. From January 2006 Technikon hosts the Headquarter of WiTEC Europe. Technikon delegates employees to the board of WiTEC Europe.

As part of the regional support activities Technikon has fostered the foundation of the Austrian WiTEC assosciation.